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Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors are among the only units that deliver 20, 000 hours* of maintenance-free operation for the entire projector, not just the light source. And there’s no trade-off in picture quality. Whatever imaging engine is inside, SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor Drive has massive brightness and superb color accuracy to present images that are superior to lamp-based equivalents in every aspect. Combining unbeatable cost-to-performance and low TCO with free 360-degree installation, light weight, and compact size, it’s easy to see why SOLID SHINE Laser is the industry’s acclaimed solution for professional users. BEST PICTURE QUALITY SOLID SHINE Laser Maintains Excellent Image Quality for Longer Dynamic Contrast Function MAINTENANCE-FREE Dust-Resistant Airtight Design FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION Free 360-degree Installation Quick Start and Quick Off HIGH RELIABILITY Safety Laser System Eco-Conscious Design Designed in Japan For all your professional projection needs feel free to call 9422277128/8055577128
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