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The LG Minibeam uses an LED or laser illumination system, providing up to eight hours of entertainment each day for seven to 10 years without replacing the light units. Compared to other projectors, the LG Minibeam consumes less power in both operating mode and standby mode thanks to its efficient LED or laser illumination system. In particular, the Minibeam uses only 0.5W in standby mode, about 1/10 of other projectors. Compared to conventional projectors, the LG Minibeam produces low heat, making it safer and more convenient for tabletop use. Whereas conventional projectors can take up to two minutes to come on, the LG Minibeam with Instant On/Off saves time by powering up instantly. The LG Minibeam offers easy compatibility with various external devices by using standard-size terminals, unlike other projectors that require special connectors. The compact, portable LG Minibeam is the only projector you need for all your presentations in multiple conference rooms.
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